Data not saved via DataView

Hi, This is my entity,              This is my UI.When ever i try to crate a insert it gives me a below error message.There is no username and password in my current entity. How wver when instead of dataview when I take datagrid,data is saved sucessfully.What is wrong in my scenarion.
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This is the demo users from which I am logging into


But why it is creating problem only in dataview not in datagrid?


Hi Rajat,

With the details provided above I can only think of one possible reason for your issue. Before that I have some assumptions that may have caused this,

1. So my assumption is that you have a Custom MF linked to Create Users and in that Microflow you are creating an Account object for your StudySiteUsers. When creating an Account Object a Username and Password needs to be provided and cannot be empty (Reason being Account is Generalized from System.User)


2. The reason why you are able to Add/Edit StudySiteUsers in  DataGrid is cause may be you are using the default Save button generated in New/Edit Page (Assuming) so here the Account object is not being created but only the StudySiteUsers object.


Hope this makes sense.