How to overlap two fields in a table cell.

Hello all,   how to overlap two values(example, enumeration fields as shown below). Example: there are two enumeration fields in a table cell with two images based on value for these two fields. When it display, images are to be overlapped. Any idea how to achieve this. Many thanks in advance.    
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Hello Nirmal,

I would suggest using CSS/SASS and overlapping with "position:absolute;" and then adjusting the position, can't really tell what your use-case is so it's hard to give you a solution. 

You can also try using "float:left;", that could work right off the bat. 

However I would recommend not overlapping two images, it can be very tedious and fiddly to set something like this up. Have you tried overlapping them outside of Mendix with something like Photoshop and then displaying just one image?


If you want to add two items in one table cell, you should first add an container (div):

Why? Because... Mendix doesn't support it otherwise.