oauth 2.0....couldnt understand one of the steps...need help !!

while going the through the link (https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/1414/), the statement given below, couldn't understand how to implement this...can someone please help here ?? Connect the page and microflow from the #Implementation folder to your navigation and assign the permissions to the userrole(s)   Don't forget to set your requesthandlers in the cloud ('signin/' and 'callback/')...how to do this? is there an equivalent step if the url is locally hosted??  
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Hello Darshan,

I doubt you can test SSO on a local server, however I believe the request handlers don't need to be enabled locally regardless of what module it is (i.e. deeplinks work locally without this part of the setup).

As for connecting the implementation page to your navigation, that is basic setup, your users need to be able to access the config pages.

Hope this helps.