Tree or expandable view for dropdown list button

 I have 10 building, every building have more than 15  flates. for each flat I have one enumeration value.   .In data view for selecting one value every time I need to scroll the whole page and list to find and select.  Instead of a long list view I want to have an expandable list view, such as when i click dropdown button it show me 10 building names, when I click on name of one building it should expand and i can see the name of flates in that specific building. is that possible? any microflow, entity clue?
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Hello Muhammad,

I would suggest using reference selectors and changing your domain model to something like:

Entity - Building (with name string attribute) 

Entity - Flat (with name string attribute) 

Association - One Building to Many flats

Once you create the right buildings and flats and associate them to each other you should be able to navigate through the flats in a building.

Also see:

Hope this helps.