Show Message activity in Nanoflows

Hello, When looking for the Show Message activity in one of my Nanoflows, I noticed it's not available. However, when I navigate to the Show Message activity description in the Mendix reference guide, it shows the Show Message activity in the "Client Activities" tab. So I was wondering why it's not possible to show a simple message when using a nanoflow. Because it's both client sided, I don't understand why it hasn't been implemented. Can anyone perhaps share some thoughts? Thanks.
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Hello Melvin,

That's really odd, and I don't think the functionality isn't there, but rather is not exposed, I really can't see why it wouldn't work. 

Check if you can use the "Show validation message" on a member that isn't on screen to display a message (This should show a pop-up since the member is not on screen) - I know it's not perfect but perhaps you can use it for a while if it works.

Let me know if the above works, it's always behaved as such via microflows.

Hope this helps.