Getting current user in nanoflow for offline app

Hi there, We are building a hybrid tablet app for offline devices. We have a use case where the user can create a contract, the problem we have is that the contract needs to be associated to the logged in user for retrieval purposes later. I know that you cannot reference $currentUser in a nano flow, so has anyone found a way to get the current logged in account using nanoflows only? Any help would be appreciated !
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You can just do a "Retrieve Account from DB, First". If you setup your security such that a user can ONLY read his own account. Nanoflows always apply security.

regards, Fabian

EDIT: as a workaround, if you cannot change the security like that (e.g. because you need to be able to view accounts) you could generate a special entity for that to which ONLY your user has access. I never build that, though.


Would it be sufficient to use the owner member . This should store the current user in an association.