Automatic number of rows, adjusting page number size in control bar, height of control bar and vertical scroll in Data Grid

1-How to set number of rows to automatic as per display because setting number of rows have display difference on IE and chrome.  On IE have empty place out side the data grid while in chrome need to scroll down I want to make responsive number of rows . 2- How to change size of page number in data grid control bar, 3- How to change height of control bar 4- Within data view have two containers, upper one contains some action widgets to call microflow, lower one have data grid. How to only scroll data grid while keeping upper container freeze? so need vertical scroll along data grid not along the page
2 answers

1-disable don't show empty rows

2- Datagrid properties has a default value of 20, change per datagrid.

3- use CSS, see theme folder within your project directory.

4- This can be done by using CSS, probably you need to adjust the height and set it to fixed height?


Regarding part 4 of your question have a look at there you will found how you can use regions in your page template to get the desired behavior.