Track app usage by page for each user

I would like to know if anyone has figured out a way to log or track app usage with details like Page Name, User, App Version. Tracking this data will help us to know usage of each app and show us how much value it brings to the business.  
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Hi Prakash,

I’ve seen this done using google analytics to push a virtual page name to track how many people would land on specific pages. You could take a look at the capabilities of google analytics. I think what you want to look for is “event tracking” (I could be wrong).


In Mendix you could create a generic script and use the javascript snippet widget (with datasource) in order to retrieve data such as username, app version, page name, etc and then store that in a non-persistent entity to be used by the script to push to google analytics.

here is the javascript snippet widget


Hope this helps!