Using non persistent Entity accross pages

I have a non persistent data retrieved from Rest API using Microflow. Can i use this non persistent data across different pages or should I call the microflow each time to get the data. Please let me know if there is any way to achieve this.
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You can use this entity on different pages.  To do so, you will either need to:

  • from a page that has the NPE, call a microflow that accepts the NPE as an argument or
  • associate the NPE to a persistent entity from which you can retrieive it, currentSession or currentUser are 2 examples

you could also replicate the values from the NPE into a persistent entity for use later.

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Hello Mohan,

This depends on your use-case, if you’re using it all around the app for example you could include the dataview in a layout.

If that is the case you will need to create a snippet that contains the dataview you want to display, populated by microflow, and include that in your layout.

Hope this helps