Shortcut executes multiple buttons

Hello, i have a shortcut for all the save buttons in my application. For the shortcuts i use the widget “Keyboard Shortcut”. Every save button has his own id but shares the same shortcut “alt+s”. Like in this picture there is a possibility that i have a dialog which also has a save button. If i type “alt+s” it doesnt only execute the save button nr. 1 but also the save button nr. 2. When the dialog is open and i type“alt+s” i only want to execute save button nr. 1. How can i solve this problem without changing the shortcut for the save buttons.
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Hi Kerem,

  Is it possible for you to open the details page not as a modal popup but as a complete separate page? The issue seems to be that, when using a modal popup, the underlying page is still loaded and the keyboard shortcuts are still engaged.  Without re-coding the widget, I don’t believe you can change how this works. Try having your detail new/edit pages be a new page and not just a popup.