OQL Query formatting value from decimal data type

Hello, I’m trying to write an OQL dataset that displays an order cost, but I want to have commas in the price decimal value as well. How do I go about writing the query?  I used CAST to append a $ sign next to it, but when it displays in a data set, it would show as $1055951.00 instead of $1,055,951.00. What are some options to comma-separate the value? I couldn’t find any document about it under the reference guide https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/oql This is what I have so far:  SELECT    Customer.FullName as CFullName   CAST('$'+ ROUND(Order.GlobalCharge,2) AS STRING) AS Charge FROM ORDER as Order GROUP BY Customer.FullName, Order.GlobalCharge   Thanks,  Luke N.
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Perform the OQL in java and rewrite the result with formatting options for the thousand separator.