Click Twice to trigger button MF when there is a validation feedback on screen. Any solution?

hi all, I have this case where user experience is slightly bad. Imagine a case when you have page in which there is a submit button and a basic validation feedback below a field(the red box with error text inside it). Now assume that the validation is passed when I enter a text in that field, in a users mind he/she has solved it and clicking on the Submit button will continue to save the page. However when there is a validation feedback on the page, the first click on any button just removes the validation feedback but doesnt trigger the MF inside it. So use has to click again!!! Which gives a bad message. UX wise or technically is there anyway to solve this?
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The problem here is, that the mouse button down will cause the focus to leave the input field.

Then the validation feedback is reset which then causes the button to change position.

The button trigger on the other hand will only happen on the mouse button up event, which in that case may miss the button.

It is indeed a matter of correct styling as Austin said.

regards, Fabian


Hi Ganesh,

You could opt for a ‘validation’ microflow that is part of the logic triggered by your ‘Submit’ button, this would solve the issue you experience:

This way you also have one microflow that contains all your validations, which provides a better overview than having to click on every input element to see if there is an ‘on change’ validation event :)


EDIT: Beaten by Austin, who suggests the same: microflow validation


Hi Ganesh,

How are you doing your validation? Are you marking the field as required or are you doing it at the beginning of your microflow? If you arent, I recommend doing the validation in the microflow. 

Edit: Sounds like the first click sets the focus away from the field and the second click actually clicks the button. You can use the javascript button widget to use javascript to set the focus away from the field and then to trigger a microflow after. Which will result in one click.