Text not loading in app

Hello, Starting today, Texts, Labels and Page Titles in my Mendix app has started to only show default values, and not the values I specify in them.   Here you can see how it looks in the Mendix Modeler:   And here you can see how it looks when deployed:   Does anyone know how this issue can be fixed? This only occurs for static text.
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Either you are looking at the wrong page or the wrong translation =)

In the modeler you can switch between which language you are modelling in → Language → Current Language → select the right option.

Edit: you can check which page has been loaded by opening developer console (in browser with F12) en run in the console this script:

dojo.connect(mx.router.getContentForm(), "onNavigation", function() {
   console.log("Page loaded: " + mx.router.getContentForm().path);


p.s. if you make changes to the model you need to re-run the model (from the modeler, either locally or in the cloud – depending on which environment you are testing)


Are you sure you are on the right page?