Excel Importer

Hi Mendix People, I have a few questions about the importer, Here they go: 1 – I have a Xlsx format archive that was send it to me and, when I try to import the template, I get a error.. But when I open with Microsoft Office, save it as Xlsx (same extension) I can import alright. Is there any way that I can do this saving automatcly or a way to validate whats going on? 2 – A few of the data that is in the Excel file is duplicated, how can I ignore the duplicated data in the import process? 3 – The data I’m talking about is about customers and their addresses, is there anything in the App Store that I can use to validate this addresses? Thanks guys.
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ad 1: What is the exact error you receive? Did you us the MxModelReflection to synch with your model?

ad 2: You can choose if you want create new records or synchronize while importing. If synchronizing, they will be synced so no duplicate records will be created

ad 3: you can handle the import with microflows. So if create a microflow to call a webservice to check the address it will be done during importing.