Forms - Nested Entities

Hi I’m trying to create a state model manager (but this question could apply to any scenario with 3 entities with cascading FK’s). I have the following entities: State Model Type (i.e. the name of the business process I’m trying to manage) State Model State (i.e. 1 or more valid states for each Model Type) State Model State Reason (i.e. 1 or more valid reasons for each Model State)   The ERD looks like this:   I’m trying to create a form where I can: - enter the type name from a reference selector. - enter a state from a reference selector that is constrained by the type. - enter a reason that is constrained by the state.   If I am using the lowest level in the hierarchy (e.g. the reason entity), I can create a reference selector for the middle level (i.e. the state), but not the highest level (i.e. type). I can effectively do this in a data grid. But I need to do this in a form. I kind of hoped that Mx would cascade the entities that could be exposed based on the associations, but it seems it can only view the immediate association. Does anyone have a solution for this? Many thanks in advance!
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Within the Reason dataview, Create a dataview that holds the selected Model State (if selected) and show the reference selector for Type in that dataview.