Popup resizing android web on opening keyboard

We have an app we open in the browser (chrome) of an android mobile phone.  When opening a popup with some buttons and input fields, everything looks fine: When pressing the input field, a keyboard is presented and the popup is resized because of the keyboard in height When the keyboard is closed again, the popup isnt resizing back to its original heigth and therefore missing some buttons. There is also no scrollbar visible (user can scroll).      I know the user can resize the popup by draging the bottom border of the popup down or just scroll the content, but is there any solution to let the popup resize back to its original size? Also tested this on an iphone which doesnt have the same behaviour. Over there, the popup isnt resizing and the keyboard is put on top of the popup. 
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Did find the solution. Enabling the keyboard while emulating an android device in chrome helped me to debug it. Didn't know this was possible. (See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29637425/google-chrome-mobile-emulator-how-to-show-on-screen-keyboard).

Solution via sass:

        height: auto!important;