Get document or filestream to open documents on Mendix UI

We are going to use a vendor API where we will be passing DocumentID/LoanID and bunch of other parameters for them to split/break a bigger document (for e.g. consisting of 100’s of different loan data) into a smaller document with only passed LoanID’s data.   Vendor is asking us what sort of output they want us to send in order for us to open that document on mendix UI. We do not want to store generated document, but would like it to open on click of document on mendix UI. This document could be a pdf,RTF or other MS office extension types. Any insight on how to handle this using mendix will be helpful. I do see mendix document viewer is an option (, but not sure if it can handle different file types.
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If you don't want to store the document in your Mendix application, the best thing would be if the Vendor could return a (temporary) view link, then you can indeed use the Filedocument viewer to view the document on the fly.