Decimal value of decimal to 0E-8

Hi, I have a form with an object with a Decimal type field. I notice a case where my decimal value is set to “0E-8” and is not passing my check  “ < 0 ” ,  in fact neither  “ < 1”, and behave like is bigger How can I managed it?  I mean 0E-8 is inferior to 1 for sure and I can’t use “0E-8” in the conditional check. I only found a question on this forum from 2 years ago but nothing in Mendix documentation. 
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Hello Matthieu,

0E-8 is a translation of 0 with 8 decimal places. I assume you’re getting this by calling toString() on a decimal.   

If you would be comparing the actual decimal attribute to your value the result should correctly indicate your decimal is 0.

if you’re converting your decimal in a microflow, try using formatDecimal instead, if the conversion happens somehow on an input field I would check the properties of that field and force it to display 0.00000000 instead.

Hope this helps. 


Hello Dragos,

Thanks for you support, I’m not calling any toString(), in fact is what I see in the variable tab in debug mode :

And my check in the microflow is as simple as something like:

DecimalField < 0.1

I will try a workaround with your comments but seems weird for me as I’m processing decimals values directly and not strings