Upload & Delete Image

Hi Team, I have successfully uploaded image using System.Image entity and viewed the image by using image viewer. I’m facing these challanges. So, require help from team How to delete the saved image. I have not found any option to delete the image. I just want to delete the image and want to keep the rest of the object. When I press the browse button, image is not refreshed in image viewer, so I have to first saved the changes and then image is loaded in image viewer. Can you let me let me know how can I achieve that image is displayed in image viewer without saving and refreshing   Thanks
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Hello Rafaqat,

  1. You’ll need to copy the attributes you want in a new object and delete the current object 
  2. Unfortunately you cannot display an image before saving. Images are not stored in the DB, they have their own place in the file storage and they get uploaded to the location on save.

Hope this helps