Unable to use demo users without AppCloudServices

Hi Mendix Community, Due to AppCloudServices bugging out on Mendix 8, I removed it from my Mendix app. However, it now turns out that I cannot use demo users because mxclientsystem/AppCloudNavigation/AppCloudNavigation.js is used for demo users to work.   I would have expected a core part of Mendix project setup to not rely on optional app store content which may not always be present (and regret taking the step forward to use Mendix 8, after a lot of work getting the app to work and look proper again).   Is there any way to fix the issue of demo users not working without AppCloudServices? If I try add AppCloudServices, I get errors from the java code included in the module due to missing java libraries.   Edit: Took a look at AppCloudServices on the App Store again – it was made for Mendix version 6.10.1, and I cannot download it for Mendix 8.   Thanks in advance!   Best regards, Andreas
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For AppCloudServices:

  1. Create new project in Mendix Modeler 7.23.X
  2. Download AppCloudServices
  3. Open created project in Mendix Modeler 8.1.1 (or just release 8.2.2) and convert it in-place
  4. Export AppCloudServices Module and Import it to your project


I expect this workaround might work.


I having the same issue as well, do you guy have any solution?