Datagrid to HTML table generation?

Hi all,  Trying to find an easy solution to add a datagrid (list of objects) into a datagrid like table in an e-mail.  Is there an easy way to create this list in html? Tried the document generation but I feel like there should be an easier way. Looking forward to your suggestions!
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I have done this using Email Templates module via a microflow.  In a Send Email microflow, I use Email Templates module to generate the email body with tokens for recipient name and other information.  Then, before sending the email, I append an html table to the end of the html body.  Here are a few screenshots with details:


Begin table tag and headers:

Each table row

Total row and table end

Maybe this will give you another approach in addition to a custom Java action.

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Hi Marick,

You can create the html table in a microflow. Here is a quick example that I put together:


Once you create the html table, you can store it in an attribute and use that as a token in your email. 


Hope this helps!