drag and drop of rows within a data grid

Wondering if anyone has successfully implemented a drag and drop of rows (or moving rows) within a data grid. The grid in question has a Sequence column & the objective is to allow user to drag-&-drop rows to change sequence on the fly.
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I dont think that is possible within a default datagrid. There is a drag and drop widget though that you can use with a listview. With some styling you can achieve the same looks:




I am trying to implement this widget, dragging and dropping works, but there are two issues:

  1. The microflow you have to assign in the DroppableWidget is not triggered. I have given all roles access rights to this MF and the entities and have a breakpoint enabled on the first retrieve. Also with another MF that just redirects to an empty testpage with an image, nothing happens.
  2. List items are stacked on top of each other now, they do not smoothly rearrange like in the demo app.


Working in Mendix 7.23.12 by the way.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!