Only Administrator can edit generalized entity attributes of System.User

Hi All, I am using Administration.Account Entity of App Store modules, which is Generalization of System.User as shown below.                                      I am using page to edit Administration.Account and on that page have button “Change” to change Name attribute value of account which is inherited from System.User. As I can’t directly edit associated Entity value I have used new popup page on click of Change button and passed User object to that page and edited the value, which is working fine while editing. But when I revisit page all other values of Administration.Account are visible except Name value which is of System.User(I can see updated value while debugging) meaning value is updated but not visible.   This Issue is for Non Administrator Users. Non Admin users can only see own details of System.User but not others users details(Name in this case).  All Administration.Account details are visible but System.User details are not visible. For Administrator User roles own as well as other users details are visible as below.   Can anyone help with this issue and tell what I am doing wrong as I have tried all possible combinations. Thank you in advance.
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Check the roles a userrole can edit from the security dialog opened via the project explorer, under project.

You’ll find that the user with a role other than the administrator role is not allowed to manage any or a limited amount of roles.

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