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Hello, I am new to Mendix and evaluating Mendix for my business and also for my client. My background is not technical but understand fair amount coding and software development so I’d consider my self anywhere between Beginner to Intermediate. With that said, I am evaluating Mendix for a business process that I want to automate and make it more efficient. This process has multiple users with different functions/roles and they get involved in the process at different intervals. I took Mendix for a spin and learned a lot in last two days. I am trying to create custom simple login page as my app’s home page and having trouble. I designed the login page in the modeler and did lot of troubleshooting with microflow but still having issues. I do not want to use the Mendix sign-in implementation because I do not want the evaluators to create Mendix account first. So my plan is create “dummy” account and data for them to see the app in prototype mode.  My basic understanding is this: - In order to allow user to login, you need to have their accounts created in the database or allow them to sign up and create accounts - I have entities created in the Data Model to capture basic information if account is created, how do I enter data (rows) into the entities (tables)? - I have created basic sign up and login page with microflows but it is having all kinds of error specifically because I am using InputTextBox widget and the modeler keeps complaining about using Data Grid or Data View but my thing is that I am not trying to view any data on SignUp and Login pages. I am trying to capture the input provided user when try to sign up and store that into the database. Also, if they’re trying to login, I am trying to capture their username and password and pass this onto the DB for validation - Also, should’t I be creating  basic entities (tables) first before starting anything? - Any suggestion on the microflows that should be using or anything? I searched the forums and documentation but couldn’t find this basic information anywhere. There are references to other custom login but for my evaluation I am just looking for very simple one.  Thanks.
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For user/account management you should use pages and logic from the administration module which is available under appstore modules by default in your project.

Account Access for Security or  Account setup could shed some more light.

I don't think you should try to create your own custom login page at this time because this has some extra complexities with anonymous users etc.

A alternative could be the ForgotPassword module from the appstore which has a user registration functionality.


You may also want to consider the built-in security module in Mendix. On your project explorer, you can expand your project module and double click ‘Security’ and ‘Project Security’ will pop-up. you can set the security level from there. As an admin you can add and modify users or have them modify their own passwords.