Default Sign Out button in Navigation does not work.

Hey everyone! I am kinda new to Mendix so go easy on me. Also my Mendix version is actually 8.4.4 but the option wasn’t there for me to select when submitting this Question so i selected the closest one which is 8.3.3. Anyways, I’ve recently implemented MendixSSO to my app and the sign out button(seen in the image below) does not work. The desired functionality would be: User logs in to the app using Mendix account by clicking the “Sign In with Mendix Account” button and should be able to Sign Out and get redirected back to the login page with the “Sign In with Mendix Account” button again. Another feature that I would like to add is to have it login automatically even after closing the browser or restarting PC. I think I’ve done this by doing the changes in the image below. Would be nice to get some confirmation if that’s the right way to implement this feature. Conclusion: Automated login or Login page, Sign Out button doesn’t work. Look forward to hearing back from my fellow Mendix Developers :)   Regards, Kevin
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After reverting everything back to its original and redeploying to the Mendix Cloud, the Sign Out button is working as expected.


Hi Kevin,

 The functionality you require is exactly the functionality that MendixSSO offers:

- when arriving the first time on the login page, you see the Mendix SSO login button;

- clicking that button logs you in, if you are logged in to Mendix. If you are not logged in to Mendix, you will see the Mendix-login page;

- closing the browser and opening it again, returning to the application url will log you in again;

- clicking the logout button will log you out locally and show you your login page, including the MendixSSO login button

So there is no need for the javascript magic. The hardest part of going from being a coder to being a Mendix consultant is first exploring all Mendix' options before resorting to the code again.

Where did the SSO-implementing go wrong? It seems to function fine, since you can log in according to your description.