filter datagrid by clicking row

Hello, I am wondering if the following is possible: I like to select a row and filter the datagrid on two specific attributes in that row. When clicking outside the datagrid I would like the filter to disappear. Anyone any ideas? Thank you for your help!  
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With standard Mendix this is not directly possible, there are some ways i can think off to make it work:

  1. Create a parrent helper entity, use a listview with either an association to the parent or a datasource mf. Style it like  a datagrid(if that is the look you are going for) and use the on click microflow of the listview to set the filters and the relation to the helper. Maybe use a clickable container on the rest of the page to reset the filters if you click outside of the listview
  2. With kind of the same structure as above you could also use the datables widget from the appstore:
  3. There might be a way to do this with some javascript