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Minimize Layouts in modeler view


Some layouts are getting a bit intense (due to being responsive)

when ever you open a page you need to scroll down every time.

It would be nice to be able to minimize a layout or replace it with text of a custom image.


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Wouter your screenshot is giving me Health And Safety warnings.

who needs to go to the gym, with you're scrolling that much everyday.

Maybe send Mendix an invoice for all the scroll wheels you've needed to replace wahahahah.


Please Mendix, i would like a preference to default hide page-layouts.


It is not necessary to see the layout all the time.


Look at this example! Just 10% of the screen is used for the page itself........




4 years ago ... still not solved :( 


It would be great to have a setting in preferences to minimize the preview of the layout in a page. We have > 6000 pages and we have to scroll a lot now when we want to change a field in the page, see example. RSI :-(





Hide/Show Layout when editing page in modeler

Ability to minimise snippets in studio pro

Minimize Layout Areas

Toggle showing the layout elements for pages


Agreed. Just like in old skool code, where you can minimize a block of code.

Just yesterday I added a field that contained a different Enum depending on another Enum. I ended up with a table with 20 semi identical fields breaking up the page in the modeler. The scrolling is giving me carpel tunnel!

Minimize options on things like group boxes, tables, containers etc would be awesome for developer mental health ;)