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OnKeyPress as additional event for input widgets


Currently, the following Events can be connected to a nanoflow or microflow:

As the “on change” is called after the field is leaved, the user already continues its journey on the page, while you might want to update this user instantaneous about the validity of the input for every character added. Technically speaking, you want to trigger a nanoflow or microflow when a key is pressed, so it would be nice if “on keypress” is added to this list (or “onkeydown” / “onkeyup” / “onfocus” / “onfocusout”).

Feature request

Add more eventlisteners to the Events page of the input widgets (shown below), like “on key press”.


2 answers

Agreed, especially more so on Text Area widgets as user enter much more text than in a default Text Box input


Being able to trigger nanoflows on more events ( like on key press ) would mean you can do so much more without having to use custom widgets. It would make the Mendix UI a lot more powerful.