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Render read-only style: text the same as text in dom


so when you have a reference set selector you cant use text and a path so all of a sudden there is a reference set selector in your dom.

that ok, we can just set rendering to text with no label.

our normal text renders like this:

<span class="mx-text mx-name-text3" data-mendix-id="0_23" widgetid="mxui_widget_Wrapper_26" id="mxui_widget_Wrapper_26">text</span>

but the reference set selector looks like this:

<div class="mx-referencesetselector mx-name-referenceSetSelector3" id="mxui_widget_InputReferenceSetSelector_0" data-mendix-id="0_24" focusindex="0" widgetid="mxui_widget_InputReferenceSetSelector_0" style="">
  <div class="mx-referencesetselector-input-wrapper">
   <label>Papier, Excel</label>

I think the biggest issue is one being a span with “mx-text” and the other being a label nested in “mx-referencesetselctor”


having them both the same would save trying to explain to developers why one bugs out, and that I havnt written styling for every possible way to implement content in Mendix.

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