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Auto close of navigation bar after clicking a navigation bar item


What I want is that the navigation bar closes on mobile phone web browsers automatically when I click on a navigation item.

Exactly: When opening the application: Navigation bar is closed → clicking on the burger icon → navigation bar opens → clicking on any navigation item → selected page opens and AT THE SAME TIME (ON CLICK) the navigation bar closes again

Until now the user always needs to close the navigation bar manually after clicking on a selected navigation bar item. 

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With help from Mendix support I learned that if you go to the layout, find the container that has the navigation menu it in, then go the container properties > if you see the toggle mode to "push content aside" then the menu will close after a user clicks on a menu link.


I am searching for this functionality as well.


Did anybody find it yet, or care to explain, what we are missing?

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I reopen this topic, someone have found a solution ?

We need to put the menu on the top and no on the side ? ​​​​​​​


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I have the same wish than Robert here.

I’m actually even facing an issue due to this non-existing functionality –> I’m completely bolocked on the navigation pane when I use the mobile version (there is no way to collapse the navigation menu – no button existing for it):


Help! :)