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Potential improvement Mendix Studio Pro 8.1.0


Hi Mendix team,

My name is Koen Hendriks and I just started at Itelligence as a Mendix Developer Trainee. Currently, I am following the Rapid Developer Course (Developer). In module 7.7.1 I was asked to retrieve an Object by association in order to enable me to complete the expression which I started to write in module 7.4.1. I noticed that upon trying to finish this expression I was unable to retrieve the $NewCourse variable at first. Only after deleting the original expression and adding a new one was Mendix Studio Pro 8.1.0 able to detect the $NewCourse variable. In this case, it was easy to rewrite this small expression, but I could imagine developers writing complex statements, finding out they need additional variables, retrieving these variables and not wanting to delete their complex expressions before being able to see these additional variables. It is just something I noticed and wanted to make you guys aware of, it is up to you if it is big enough to make work of it. If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact me.

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