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Currently there is a best practise for widgets.
It would be awesome if widgets could get a ✓ if they meet the requirements of the best practise (proper use of css, html, java, last updated within X period)

sort of like what twitter has with “authenticated users”


This would give people more incentive to have beter quality widgets.

And will help people when trying to find widgets that work well


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there is a reason why all widgets are on GitHub, so people can branch them and push their changes into the widget. You can even do code reviews that way yourself. Plus there is the option to review it in the AppStore. If shits outdated and not working properly leave a constructive point of feedback for the developer to work on it. We as a community should develop the standards, help others reach that level of quality in their code. It’s so easy to say something isn’t good enough, it’s free to use in the AppStore whatever more you want should come from the community. 


This would really improve the appstore. It happens sometimes that you find a widget in the appstore, which e.g. is importing jQuery which is never used anywhere. Or widgets just get abandoned by the creator without notice. 

For theses reasons, I try to avoid community-support widgets as far as possible, and with this system I would feel more confident in using them again in customer projects. 


relates to this:


@Tim, I think Axel makes a great point?

Are the reviews a valid way of determining if an appstore item meets a certain quality standard?

Be good to hear how other people use/find appstore items, and if they like/find the reviews useful.


Yes, a great idea. Store reviews help out a bit but a tickmark would help even more. Also, give good widgets a higher ranking when you are searching for them.


Isn’t this something that is kind of covered with the app store reviews?