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Improvement to Sprintr


Could you possibly improve the Sprintr to include an action indicator for TestReady or ReviewReady instead of limiting the status of a story to To-Do, Running and Done?  Oftimes we add our own tags to a story (thanks for the flexibility there) but that’s a small visual indicator to a product owner, scrum master or tester that there’s actual work to be reviewed.  Also, when a developer has completed initial work on a story and is awaiting feedback or testing of that story, assigning Running or To-Do is a little strange and I think a visual representation would improve the overall process.

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Hey thanks for the suggestion Luke!  Will do.


There’s a channel on the Mendix Slack community where they’re running a beta for a new Sprintr UI, and they’re pretty active and listen to feedback – try getting them there!

Then join #new-stories-beta