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ability to upload to client appstore


Im guessing a lot of people work for clients.

when you want to upload something to their company appstore you have get someone to either upload it for you, or get IT to make an email for you.

than theres the case that if you work for a university, that ALL the students also have the same @EMAIL

so they can use any content you put in there (or the other way around).

Im sure there is a User friendlier way to streamline this proces

(no idea how difficult this would be on the technical side though)

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That's already available actually. The ‘groups’ thing. You can add guest accounts to your appstore.
And these guests can either see the whole appstore, or a part of it. And are allowed to download items if that option is checked. I'm not sure if they can add content though.




Yeah, I was thinking something like a group, that you could be added to.

so next to the company appstore, thered be “shared by goup” or something like that.

or someone might be able to add you to a company.

I think github has “organizations” that everyone can be added to even if you dont have the same email address.

This would make mendix accounts a lot more flexible in general too, since currently they are “company bound”


That would mean I could add appstore content to any other company using Mendix?

Then there would have to be an approval system in place somewhere. Otherwise your company's appstore might get flooded with stuff by other people. And then you're still stuck asking someone to approve it.

General practice is indeed to get an email address from the client to use for a Mendix account. But i can see it being a hassle for UX designers because assignments are generally shorter than the ones for developers.