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Detach Mendix account from Company Email


Currently your Mendix Developer account is connected to a single (company) email address.

This causes issues when you switch companies, or if you have a student account and move to a company, or if you want to create some test projects, or cross company applications.

there is a way to merge accounts but its a bit awkward.

Now with citizen developers it becomes even wierder, and as a partner working with multiple teams it just gets very messy very fast, especally with “company appstore” and such.

Personally I like how figma does it, where you have your own email, and that can be connected to what ever company or project you are working with.

I believe this will help enable a much more rich and intuative development enviroment that is a lot more scalable for future features.

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It is planned but for when?


When is this likely to be implemented? I look forward to this.


the amount of “client” accounts I have is crazy, so yeah, as a freelancer / consultant, this still makes sense.

just allow me to link multiple emails to my account, this is even worse now with the way MX wants you to sign in through a browser, making it weird when I open a project, and need to resign out… Mx Its meeeee, don't you remember me ….


maybe something like google : pls select the account you would like to use, to download this proj from svn :D 


Good one. And if Mendix would not use the consultant’s email-address as id for her/his Mendix-account, but just as an attribute of that account and make that attribute changable whenever you like to whatever you need it to be then merging accounts would also no longer be an issue.