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align microflow settings (button vs listview vs clickable container)


sometimes we need to use a button css hack because listview and containers have less microflow options then buttons do.

this seems wierd.



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Microflow settings should be the same across all occurances. 

Instead, I have to rebuild my UI to have a big button as my trigger for my tiled screen instead of using a div container or the default on-click behaviour of listview / template grid. 


Unfortunately this doesn't seem to enable the progress bar function, I had to rebuild parts of an application to put the on click action on something else then a container in order to set a progress bar. very annoying and I don't know why the same microflow settings aren't just available any place a mincroflow is triggered (e.g. on click).


we were running into the same double click issue.

we got around this by removing the microflow action from the list view and putting it on a button.

the buttons goes 100% width and height with an opacity of 0.

add this to the sass.

  position: relative;{
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
    left: 0;
    opacity: 0;

place a container in the listview so it can get the relative position and add the class “cs_btn-hack”
and place a default button in this container and it should all work.



What is the “hack” you’re using?  Currently, I’m trying to prevent a microflow from being executed when a user double clicks on a list view item.  I’ve tried using a Javascript snippet with JQuery to prevent double clicks, but so far I’ve had no luck.