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table kind of widget (excel)


more often than not a client has data they copy paste from different systems.
one of those systems is excel, currently there is no way of creating input cells in a table, so there is also no way to copy paste from a table in one system to another system.

this becomes even worse when you need to nest things in multiple listviews, and style them so that all the cells line up, whilst also being responsive.

a simple example is:
having a list of dates horizontally, and vertically the min and max for multiple locations.
having a row lineup on hover is impossible (depending on how it is built)
doing this with the current state of mendix invloves mtuple listviews, nested listviews, and lots of custom styling.

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I agree, although you can build your own off course ;-) There are all kind of libararies available: 


Yes, this would make displaying certain data sets so much easier.


That´s right! And with all the nested views the performance of the app also decreases heavily