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BUG - Sass folder not in deployment


there currently seems to be a bug in 14.8.1 where the sass folder doesnt get synced to deplyment.
this means that any images you use in sass ware not available to be used reducing the modularity of atlas.


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I think it makes sense to not have the sass in the css folder.

The current issue is that, this was the easiest and most efficient way of creating a modulair and scalable design system, that could easily updated and managed from a single app, and distributed to other applications.

I think this will result in people copy pasting the theme folder, which results in Atlas not being able to be updated and merged (in its current state).


Hi Jason, I fixed this in your old handywork by placing the images in the theme\img folder.


Hi Sjors, 

There have been some changes implemented to the runtime folder, that impacted libraries accordingly. 

Please find the information about the Sass folder being omitted in Mendix Studio Pro 8.14.0 in release notes: 

  • We reduced the size of the Mendix deployment by removing the styles/web/sass and styles/native folders. The files in these folders are not required at runtime. The following files were also removed from the Mendix deployment for the same reason: settings.json, settings-native.json, and styles.js.

Custom styling sheets should not be placed in the sass folder. It is recommended to add a new folder in the theme folder, for example, custom-styling, and update the HTML files to link to that location. Alternatively, the files could be placed in the resources folder (and the HTML files updated to link to that location).

Please, let me know if you have any further questions on this. 

Best regards,

Technical support engineer
Daria Nerush



Hi Sjors,

I proactively created this follow-up ticket as the previous ticket closed automatically and we would come back to you based on the feedback in your previous ticket.

First of all, thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear that the issue was not resolved. Daria reached out to you earlier this week to discuss this feedback. If I can summarize this feedback in one sentence: you are not unhappy with the support you received, but the fact that you were not informed upfront on the changes of the runtime folder as you have all custom styling done through the web\sass\app scss files. 

As Daria suggested in the call, we would further investigate this with a tech lead. This change indeed was not documented, as it was never the intention that scss files were used in the deployment folder. Only css files are needed there. Hence, as it should never have worked in this way and was never documented that it was possibe, the impact of removing scss files from the runtime was expected to be very low. This information was added later on to the release notes after all as you and others on the forum were affected by this change. Apologies for this!

We are not completely sure what your intention is with this custom css. However, if your intention is to include custom css on your pages, you should move the bootstrap.min.css to another location. After this, the link href in html should be adjusted accordingly and the link to scss can be removed entirely.

Is there anything else that you would like to share on this issue, any additional questions?

Kind regards,
Team Lead Customer Support (EMEA)


Who is able to clarify if this is working as intended or not?

This will have a huge impact on where we place icons/logos in our Theme folder, and how we manage updating the styling from other apps from our main Styling App.


I agree, but in the state that atlas currently is, this has some benefits that we use.

currently our sass folder has 3 main folders

  • our consultancy altas overrides and workaround
  • the clients company settings (logos images)
  • the project specific styling


In the company settings is where we upload the logo,
in the consultancy folder are layouts that we reuse over multiple projects that point to the logo.

when updating on a multi app landscape we only need to replace 1 folder and everything works because the directories point to sass.

If we would need to maintain an extra folder that would take twice as much time for every extra app that we have resulting in other issues.


I would say the SASS folder does not belong inside the deployment folder. So this is a good thing. Just put the images in the css/ or images/ folder :)