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Debugger information on the developer portal


When I am debugging on the test/accp/prod environment and I want to use the debugger information, I get a screen where the information is stored. However, when I try to copy the information in the modeler, there is a break stored when I copy the information. That means I have to open a notepad in order to remove the break and only then I am able to copy the debugger information.

It would be very nice if there is a copy button for both fields so that we don't copy any unnecessary breaks or just as simple and removing the breaks when generating the debugger information.



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Quick workaround: triple click (same as double click, but three times ;-)) on the information and then copy/paste it. Triple clicking will select the entire line/word and it will not select the break in the line.

But yeah, I agree the linebreak in the box is annoying.