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Updating modules should update, not delete and reinstall


Currently if you update a module everything gets overruled which is a bit 1995, especially with the way that modularization is heading in MX9. 

When working in a project you quite often make changes to modules, and when you commit everything seems to go well.
This is probably what you want when updating a module.

So lets say I have a module with a bunch of layouts in them. Then I add some avatars to those layouts.
We then change some sass to fix a bug in the stylingapplication, so now I need to update the module.

I’d like it to just update the sass and not change everything in the MX.

I think this might also be a bigger issue with SASS than Objects in a module.

Maybe the ability to right click and update certain files, or update sass.


With the modularity coming up, I think we need an open discussion on how other ppl feel about this.

And how MX expects it to work.

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Currently in mendix I you create a page, I add some text to it, and than you add some other text to it, nothing breaks, its only when you are both trying to change the same elements (right).

maybe having some advanced merge management might make things update easier.

I can totally imagine a scenario where you add a snippet to a page, when the page gets updated, the snippet could just stay there, seeing as it wont be in your original (but maybe this woeks less well with domain models and microflows) 



@Jord ten Bulte: That is actually  the best practice. Only thing is you create this folder yourself by creating a customisation module to store your modification.s



You would still have the same issues when the components you customised are updated: your custom changes will still be overwritten.

This is why it is good practice not to touch any app store module, but add your customisations in a separate module.

Having said that, I do agree with you: an actual update instead “throw away and reinstall” would be more elegant as a solution. 


Sounds like a great idea. I could imagine that there is a folder withing Studio Pro but also in Windows Explorer with a specific name where you can put all your custom changes that don't get overwritten. Then you won't need all kind of custom accepting/declining of conflicts.