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Free Marketing license for hobby / student apps.


So something that I find super strong about other low-code platforms in other industries is how they leverage their community to market their platform for them.
Unity has a free licence as long as you show a unity splash screen, and dont make under a certain amount of money from the product.
This serves as a great example that new developers in the industry can point to, and serves as great reference material for potential clients.

I can imagine a similar strategy for Mendix apps.
Have a free license with a mandatory splashscreen and monetization options (or maybe MX takes a cut).

This way it would be viable for students and hobbyists to flood the apple/google store with awesome non-commercial viable marketing apps that serve as an amazing point of reference to get new business, and new developers.

please make this vision a reality.

I believe this has so much untapped marketing potential.
And fits in the core values of Mendix.
Go make it!


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some limitations that unity pose on their free lisence:

"If you work for a company with gross annual revenue of less than USD100,000 in the previous fiscal year
Unity is available free of charge."


Great idea! :D