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Add parameter from connector


I often used text widgets to display attributes instead of an input widget, since it allows for more flexibility on what is actually displayed. However, there are always quite a number of steps that you have to perform to add a parameter to a text widget. (Open text widget > Edit > New > Select > Select attribute > Ctrl + Enter > Ctrl + Enter > Ctrl + Enter)

Instead, why not allow us to drag connector items onto a text widget to add the attribute as a new parameter instantly. When you drag a connector item onto a text widget, it is added as a new parameter. If there are already parameters present, it is added on the bottom. With default settings since you want it to be quick, of course.

Example: I will type {1} onto an empty page area. It will look like this at first, then you can drag a connector item onto it:

And you will have the attribute added as a parameter:

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Would be really useful, because as a UX/UI consultant is quite often developers handout a page with plenty of disabled textbox inputfields (its just the quickest way) with alignment issues and special requirements which a text widget offers more options to.

Would actually suggest to add a convert to option just like radio buttons could be converted to a dropdown or checkbox.


Hi song,

Thanks for your comment! It is good to note that I meant this on top of existing functionality, not replacing it. Obviously the existing functionality is very useful, this is just a shortcut to some of it.


I don’t think this is a good idea. Although editing is troublesome, it gives us greater controllability.
Of course, you can also display a text through various formatting rules that I customize. The text widget here also provides the function of template variables. I think the official one is better