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More Delighters / implemented ideas


I just went through some of the updates and the amount of implemented delighters has been on the low side.
I really love the delighters, because they are idea's from users in the field that work with Mendix every day.
Can we get at least 1 delighter every release?

Overview of the delighters in MX9

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Indeed like Jelena stated we are working on making it easier for the PM’s in Mendix to keep track of existing and new ideas shared for their products, as we all agree that communication is key – especially as we all truly appreciate the candid feedback and the often great ideas on how we can improve the product and platform.


It might take some time, but you should see an improvement in this space sooner rather than later :) 


I can only speak for myself of course, but I have a feeling things have been a bit better lately (or at least I set a reminder to go through ideas on a regular basis and respond to them, soon enough that's going to be a notification, which should make it even easier :) 


I know you wish things were happening faster, trust me, we often do as well, but just so you know, we do read and we do care!


It has been like this in the past years. 4 years ago, of the 500 ideas, less then 15 got implemented. When I browse the ideas posted here, at least 20% (if not 33% or more) seam valid, useful and implementable.

And if Mendix decide against implementing it, they sometimes close the idea and post the reason why it will not be implemented. Doing that more often, would also show greater appreciation of our ideas.