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Make Studio Pro navigation tabs take up equal space


I think all of us often build up a large collection of tabs in the Studio Pro editor.

It would be nice if these tabs took up equal amounts of space (within reason) simply to make it easier to close only the ones you want to. I find myself using the “Close all but this” or “Close all” options more often because that is simpler to do.

Currently, the tabs change width with the length of the title. This makes it difficult to close multiple tabs quickly. It would be nice if it were similar to browser tabs, where the browser will give them equal widths. Then, when you delete them, it maintains that size until your cursor moves away.

Since the tab navigation is such a high-traffic feature of Studio Pro, I think this would be a nice improvement.



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It looks like this has actually been changed as of 9.18. Whoever did this, you are a smart bean, thank you.