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Hi there,

The current process of downloading a specific Mendix version for one project, a different version for another project, and trying to keep track of which versions go where is a bit awkward. I tried to find a similar idea beforehand, but couldn’t find one, so:

It would be great to see a Mendix hub application that managed all of your versions and projects. This would allow you to see all of your projects and Studio Pro versions and access them all in one place. If you chose to open a project, Mendix hub would open it in the correct version of Mendix Studio. If you didn’t have it, it would prompt you to install it beforehand or select a version to upgrade the project to.

As a separate, more short-term idea: It would be helpful (and necessary for the above idea) if projects in the Studio Pro project screen had a label showing what version of Studio Pro they were built in.

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