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The Ultimate Multi Tenant Thread


Something that seems to be difficult in mendix is Multi Tenant support.

Especially from a styling perspective.

I would love to here what you guys are running into, so we can propose some solutions.

I'd also just love to here from you if you are running into multi tenant issues, and want better support.



- Runtime Styling configuration

- Multiple stylesheets in MX9


Idea Forum:

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Question forum:

white labeling

White labeling , multi tenant , saas application

Multi tenancy in v8

Branding - Create a Theme for each Tenant in a Multi Tenant Application

4 answers

as a super duper admin, that ability to log in to a tenants system, while respecting certain security requirements


most multiTenant styling issues can be solved with css-variables9 (currently not supported by atlas)  with frame works such as Maui9



as I dont have access to the origin account, some more posts:

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