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Multi select text filter in datagrid 2



I would like an enhancement of the datagrid 2 filters.


My problem is that I have users that want to do multi select on a column where the strings are not the same for all users.

It is like a combined functionality of the drop-down filter with multi select and the text filter because it can hold different strings for each user.


I thought of 2 suggestions that might fix this problem.

Either the drop-down filter gets the possibility to have more "dynamic" labels witch are based on user or similar.

Or the text filter gets the possibility to have several search words with either OR or AND between them.


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Hi Damir,


No. It wasn’t solved. I looked at a few suggestions but nothing seemed to fit our needs and this was a nice to have so we haven’t tried that hard in a while.

We are also waiting for a multi-select of the rows in data grid 2 before they become really useful.


Kind regards



Hi Johan,


Did you solve it ?

Have the same challenge :-)


Best Regards,