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Bring back story numbers in the story item headers


Can you please bring back the ability for users to see story numbers without having to actually open the modal that shows the detail?  In my current project, our UX Designer adds the story number next to the wireframe so it would be really helpful if we could easily locate the story from the sprintr that matches the story number.  Below is a screenshot of a story item.  Please consider restoring the story number to this preview.

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Hi Daniel, sorry for the delayed response! The answer is yes, the new tool has a board with full on drag and drop (and support for both scrum and kanban way of working). Stay tuned :) 


Oh nice!  Looks like you’re moving towards a more kanban approach using story cards?  Will users be able to drag and drop story cards through various status columns like ‘In Development’, ‘Completed’, etc.?


I know that’s unrelated but thanks for the update and screenshot!  That’s very helpful and promising.


Hi Daniel, we will not be adding new features to Stories because we are working on a brand new solution for agile project management. It is in beta now, and you are welcome to try it out. Just a little sneak preview, the unique story identifier (NEX-2 in this case) will be immediately visible.