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Add quick link from page to layout


There are many shortcuts from one Mendix document to another. You can right click on a microflow call in a microflow to open up that microflow , you can open a page that a microflow  or button shows etc but there is no quick way to open a layout that a page is usings. You should be able to right-click the layout and ‘show’ and in the properties settings for a page there should be a ‘show’ button on the row of the the layout selection setting.



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Thanks Tim, I hadn’t noticed that breadcrumbs section (or had forgotton about it a while ago!). Maybe the menu add-ons would also be a nice addition?


Actually, there is…

In Mendix 9, below your page but right above the panes, there are shortcuts to all parent layouts. In below example screenshot you can just click on TopBar or ModelReflectionDesktop. In Mendix 8, these shortcuts are above your page.