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Validation message behavior on mobile devices should be alterable, depending on desired workflow.


This regards mobile web app/PWA behavior.

Currently when using Gallery to generate rows with minimal input fields for mobile device, and we trigger an error message on an input for a row down the column, that error message is scrolled to the top of the screen. This came up during user testing and was regarded as disruptive to the user’s process. 
After much correspondence with Mendix Support, we received confirmation that this behavior is intentional:

“With mobile apps the risk that validations are triggered outside of your viewport is quite large. For example, nothing happens if a validation is outside of the view. That is the issue we are trying to solve here.”


The assumption is that mobile devices have smaller screens, therefore there is less chance that the user will see validation, so the page scrolls to the validation message. This behavior makes sense and is beneficial if the user is filling out a form, and when submitting the form the validation message is tied to the first input, so it scrolls to the input field in question.

In some cases, as it is in our case, a design can ask for the same input over many rows, to signify different products, services etc. 
As the input field with the possible validation is the same for every row, scrolling the error to the top of the page disrupts the workflow for users and compromises the UX as designed. 


We would want to request a feature addition to this behavior, where instead of scrolling to the error message only, you as the developer give the option (through properties, assuming it is tied to Gallery widget) to scroll to the concerning row after a validation message is triggered.

Visually, this means that instead of seeing an error come up to the top of the screen after validating, we see the entire row so a user doesn’t feel lost in the workflow:



Another option could be the choice to bypass the scroll behavior entirely, so that the validation behavior is the same as it is on desktop:

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